Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Does it FEEL like Christmas too?

One song that appears to be very appropriate for Pelham right now is the Mededith Wilson classic “It’s Beginning to Look Like Christmas.” You might recall the words: “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, ev’rywhere you go…”

The holiday spirit began early in Pelham on November 5 when several businesses hosted holiday open houses. Some store-owners even closed their shops for a couple of days and stunningly transformed them into Christmas wonders.

Over the following weeks, the Town began decorating much of Pelham – from Peace Park and the Bandshell in Fonthill, to Town Hall, to hydro poles in Pelham’s urbanized areas, to the flagpole in Fenwick.

Then, the weekly charity turkey raffles began. The Legion led the way on Friday, November 14, followed by then the Fonthill Lions, the Fonthill Firefighters Association, and, finally, the Fenwick Firefighters Association. Each group raises funds during these lively, fun events to support our community.

Then, some very dedicated, community-minded elves took it upon themselves to “spruce-up” our Town. While the rest of us were sleeping, these elves decorated almost every utility pole and light standard in sight using evergreen boughs and red bows. I appreciate their efforts!

Next, hundreds turned out on December 6th for the Annual Food Drive for Pelham Cares. Thank you to each of the donors and all the volunteers that went door-to-door to support those less fortunate in our Town.

That same weekend, the Pelham Business Association members hosted “Christmas in Pelham.” They organized local choirs singing at various businesses, sleigh-rides from Peace Park, Santa in the Bandshell, and a special Artisan & Trade Show at Lookout Ridge Retirement Home.

Then, this past weekend, the Fenwick Lions and others in the community organized the annual Santa Claus Parade. Because of all the candy for kids, some may have thought it was another Halloween. No doubt, Santa and Mrs. Claus at the end of the parade cleared up any confusion!

Add to all this the Christmas concerts at our schools, the open houses at businesses and private homes, the work parties, and all the celebrations at Pelham’s churches, it is indeed “beginning to look a lot like Christmas.”

And so, I hope it not only “looks like” Christmas in Pelham to you, but that it also feels like the spirit of Christmas for you and your family this holiday season. I also wish you all the best in 2009!