Wednesday, January 14, 2009

More Snow, Please

Most people I have spoken to lately are starting to begrudge our winter. It’s either too cold, or too snowy. Or the temperature fluctuates too quickly – from -15 up to +10 degrees Celsius in a matter of days. Oh, and don’t forget about the freezing rain and high winds.

Do you even remember the number of times you have shoveled snow this winter?

Because of the record number of storms and amount of fluffy white stuff that has fallen this winter, keeping the roads clear has been a challenge. I have heard many complaints especially from folks living in the cul-de-sacs and near “bulbs” along some roads. (At the same time, however, I have heard very many compliments for the timely and superior service – especially when compared to other municipalities!)

Despite all this negativity, however, have you asked any kids about the winter?

As our kids woke us up on Saturday morning, I looked out the window and said with distain, “It’s snowing, again.” Both our kids yelled “Great! Can we go outside?!”

They love the snow. They love building snow forts and making snowmen. They love tobogganing and jumping in the drifts.

Snow is still a novelty for them.

I was reminded of this at a special hockey game this weekend. You see, for a third year in-a-row, a Pelham Alabama team has played in the International AE Silver Stick finals. This year, the event organizers pre-booked a game between our Pelham Panthers and the Alabama Pelham Panthers. It was held Saturday at the Pelham Arena and I had the honour of dropping the ceremonial first puck.

But, after the game, what did the Alabama Panthers really want to do? Go tobogganing! Why? Because they don’t get snow in Alabama and it’s a treat for them. I offer kudos to our coaches and parents who arranged the tobogganing excursion to Marlene Stewart-Streit Park, including the hot chocolate and goodies.

Similarly, our family couldn’t resist the beautiful sunshine this past Sunday. And so, despite the cold, we cleared a family pond and skated for most of the afternoon. It was such a great experience that our six-year-old daughter is planning a skating party next weekend. And, you know she is hoping for both more snow and better ice.

It’s good to sometimes be reminded of the novel things in life – even if it is snow and ice.