Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Unprecedented Infrastructure Ahead!

No doubt, you’ve heard about some of the infrastructure projects for which Pelham has received Federal and Provincial support. But, since we announced each project as it became known, I thought you would like to know about all the projects together.

Unprecedented Infrastructure Investments:
Over the last nine months, Pelham has received unprecedented Federal & Provincial support toward $12.4 million of capital projects! To put this in context, this is more than double our normal annual capital budget; and, through the years the most Pelham received from upper levels of government has been $100,000.

Downtown Fonthill Revitalization:
The first reported investment was $2.5 million for revitalizing downtown Fonthill from College Street, across Regional Road #20 to Broad Street. This revitalization includes a new road, new water and sewer lines, and also a much-improved sidewalks and streetscape for a pedestrian friendly downtown. Burying of the hydro lines was not included in the funding, but staff is working diligently with Niagara Peninsula Energy to finalize costs, designs, and options. Staff anticipates public open houses in November and January 2010 for the final design, with construction from April/May to October/November.

Haist Street Reconstruction:
The reconstruction of Haist Street from Canboro to Welland Road has been a priority for many years. Now, the one-third Federal, one-third Provincial funding will allow Pelham to carry out the $5.7 million project in one year instead of over three years (as originally budgeted). The work will be extensive and includes a new road, new water and storm sewers, raised crosswalks (to help calm traffic), sidewalks, and room for cycling. Council just approved the sanitary sewer relocation which should begin by November. The rest of the work should be tendered in early January for construction from March to November 2010.

Replacement of Fire Station #2 (Fenwick):
Required for more than a decade, Federal and Provincial funding make the $2.9 million project possible now. The investments will replace the +60 year-old Firehall that is currently falling apart and too small for recent and expected population growth. Property issues have delayed the process, but all should be finalized this fall. The tender for the design could occur late this year and construction could begin in March / April at the earliest.

Nine New, Accessible Playgrounds:
Thanks to two-thirds funding, the $1.1 million project will replace and upgrade playground equipment in nine totally accessible playgrounds across the Town. The tender should be awarded this fall with the installation and finishing done from April to July 2010.

Town Hall Addition:
Work continues on the $260,000 addition to expand the “sardine can”. The design has been awarded and the work must be completed by March 31, 2010.