Thursday, December 2, 2010

Inaugural Address

Please find below my Inaugural Address that I gave last night at the Inauguration of your 2010-2014 Town of Pelham Council.

I am both humbled and honored to stand here again and continue my service as your Mayor for our Town of Pelham.

I personally congratulate each member of Council on your recent election.

I look forward to serving with you, and to working together with your ideas, your passions, your dreams, and your actions to improve our Town.

Ladies & gentlemen, the recent democratic process highlighted a real interest in the future of our Town.

You and your friends and neighbours are interested in workable solutions to the issues and challenges that face our community;

You have an optimism for the future of our Town;

And you want your Council to work together with you to continue to improve our Town.

As a result, your Council and I will concentrate on some key areas:

• We will manage your money wisely and tell you how your taxes are being spent;
• We will gather significant public input to decide on improvements for appropriate and affordable recreational and leisure facilities;
• We will work to ensure that new development fits well with our vision for a vibrant community with a small-town feel;
• We will act in partnership with businesses and residents to develop a cohesive vision for our entire community;
• We will continue to focus on building lively and viable downtowns and promote cultural and artistic activities;
• We will advance sustainable environmental practices;
• We will listen and keep you informed about things that matter to you;
• We will ensure that our infrastructure is well managed and maintained (and that includes finishing the roads already dug up);
• We will work with the hundreds of volunteers who preserve our neighbour-helping-neighbour character and who make our community a richer, more vibrant place to live, work, and grow;
• And, in general, we will serve you – as best we can – on each of the other issues both known and unknown that will affect you and your neighbours and friends.

Friends and neighbours, your Council is ready to act, ready to find workable solutions, and ready to serve in your best interests. You Council is ready to keep working together to build a better future for our Town – the Town that we each love and cherish.

Thank you, again, for your encouragement by being present here this evening and for showing your interest in the future of our Town.