Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Promoting Pelham

Your Town Council has made some early steps toward the development of a plan to promote Pelham as a destination for shopping, for business, for agriculture, for community events, and for life-in-general.

You see, for years now, some have suggested that the Town needs to be more involved in a comprehensive plan to promote the great things about our community. While many individuals and groups are currently involved in promoting one or more aspects of Pelham, we do not have a common vision or a coordinated plan.

For example, the Pelham Business Association developed a “Think & Buy Local” campaign a few years ago and the “Did You Know” Campaign last year about local businesses. The Welland / Pelham Chamber of Commerce manages the Tourist Booth every year. The Fonthill Bandshell Committee promotes the hugely successful Bandshell Concert Series. The members of Pelham’s dedicated Service Clubs promote successful events like the Biketoberfest, the Pelham Homeshow and the Santa Claus Parade. A group of community volunteers developed the amazing Pelham Summerfest in July of this year. Artists and cultural enthusiasts have hosted the annual Pelham Art Festival for 25 years. Members of the agricultural community manage the weekly Pelham Farmer’s Market. Sports groups – from hockey, soccer, baseball, to cycling – each have their own tournaments and events that promote Pelham. And many other events, celebrations, and great things that people do to promote wonderful aspects of our community.

But, if asked, “What is Pelham?” what would you answer? Or, what common parts of Pelham should be promoted among ourselves and to those outside of our Town?

And, what about our schools, our neighbourhoods, our churches? What about our golf courses and horse farms? What about the natural beauty of our Town? How are these elements drawn together?

Well, when Council deliberated on the matter, we realised that these answers come only from you and other members of the the community itself.

That’s why Council – lead by Councillors Accursi and Papp – have endorsed the creation of the Pelham Promotional Advisory Committee. The committee will develop and coordinate a promotional plan for the Town. The Committee will include representatives from Pelham’s Agricultural Sector; Pelham Business Association; Welland / Pelham Chamber of Commerce; development community; recreational communities (both winter and summer); the Mayor’s Youth Advisory Council; Pelham Arts Festival; local Service Clubs; Pelham’s cultural sector; from a “citizen-at-large”; and from Pelham Council.

As the advisory committee develops, you should hear more about promoting Pelham.