Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Regional Reconstruction About to Begin

Have you noticed the signs announcing the imminent reconstruction of Regional Road #20 from Rice Road to Station Street?

Since I wrote about the project a few months ago, you may recall that this is the final phase of the reconstruction and expansion of Regional Road #20 from the 406 to Pelham Street. Because of the length of the stretch of roadway, the complexity of the work, and the costs involved, the Region undertook this work in phases.

The actual final construction area will be from just east of Rice Road to just east of Station Street.

I was pleased to support the inclusion of $3.0 million in the Region’s and $750,000 in the Town’s 2012 capital budgets for this work.

The works will include adding a centre turning lane (where appropriate), installing a couple of new “islands” to help calm traffic and delineate turning sections, realigning the Hurricane Road intersection, and preparing for an intersection leading into the East Fonthill Secondary Plan lands (the +450 acres to the south of Regional Road #20). The Town’s money will fund the installation of a sidewalk on the north side of the road, replacing and upgrading the existing watermain, and replacing or repairing the existing sanitary sewer laterals.

Although this section is shorter than previous phases, it is more complicated because of the more urban setting and the total reconstruction of the intersection at Rice Road. It is also of a higher profile.

Norjohn Contracting and Paving Limited, a division of Walker Industries, won the reconstruction contract.

I understand that staff anticipates the construction to begin the third week of April and could run for a maximum of 110 “working days.” If we continue to get reasonable weather and things go smoothly, the work could be substantially complete by Labour Day; if they run into snags, the contract could run through late September/early October.

To help facilitate traffic, the contractor must maintain two lanes open at all times. They also plan on paving in “echelon” – side by side – to avoid joint problems like those developed in previous phases.

Regional staff assures me that they will be in contact each of the local businesses regarding access issues prior to any actual construction taking place. Further, they will attempt to mitigate all negative impacts on abutting residents and merchants, including noise and dust control.

I am pleased we are moving ahead with this work and continue to improve our community.