Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Support Now, Support Forever

It's gratifying when people not only get dressed up to have a great time but when they also support local charities now and in perpetuity.

On Saturday, May 26, 2012, community volunteers will host the Fourth Annual Pelham Mayor’s Gala. The "Old Hollywood Glamour" Themed gala will occur at Lookout Point Golf & Country Club. We will have the red carpet, a walk of stars (the generous sponsors), great music, exquisite food, an amazing silent auction, and it will be a time to remember.

 But the fun and festivities will have a purpose. Half of the proceeds will be awarded to community groups – charities, service clubs, or not-for-profits organizations – following an application process.

The Gala will support four local groups:
• In The Orchard: to provide one week of art camp for 15 Pelham youths – aged 12 to 18. Their art will be displayed throughout the Town and participants will be expected to offer a free art’s workshop at an upcoming community event.
• Project Lifesaver Niagara: to purchase equipment and work together with the Niagara Regional Police to aid in the search for lost / wondering people with Alzheimer’s disease, autism or any other special needs requirements;
• 1st North Pelham Sparks, Brownies & Guides: to provide camping equipment to a unit that continues to grow in members;
• Horse Alternative Therapeutic Services (HATS): to continue equine experiences and therapy to Pelham residents with special needs – both physical and emotional;

The other half of the gala proceeds will support the establishment of a "Pelham Community Fund" with the Niagara Community Foundation; this fund will make funding for local charities available in perpetuity.

How will that work, you ask? The Niagara Community Foundation provides a structure to establish the Fund, where professional money managers invest the principal, and where the interest will be available in perpetuity to support local / Pelham charities.

Donations toward the fund’s principle can be given from not only the Mayor’s Gala, but also from anyone in the community. As you update your estate plan, for instance, you may want to donate to the Pelham fund – and your gift will assist the community for years and years to come.

 The community continues to generously support the Mayor’s Gala. Both Darla-Prana Healing & Wellness Centre – a new business in Fonthill – and Enbridge Gas Distribution offered to be Platinum / Title sponsors for this year’s gala! Thank you for your significant generosity! Similarly, Dr. Peter Fritz, Accipiter Radar Technologies, E.S. Fox Ltd. and LaFarge Canada are Gold Sponsors. Silver Sponsors include Emterra Environmental, Walker Industries Holdings Limited, Niagara College, and CIBC. Many thanks to all!