Sunday, November 3, 2013

As Volunteers Aspire For Better They Inspire Others

Last Wednesday, Council and I hosted the Town’s Annual Volunteer & Community Corporate Recognition Ceremony at Lookout Point Golf Club. It’s one of my favourite events of the year because we recognize the dedication and hard work of hundreds of Pelham’s volunteers.

Volunteers work to beautify our Town – as part of Communities in Bloom, or the Horticultural Society, or those that have “adopted a road”, or the Downtown Beautification Committee.

Other volunteers organize Pelham’s significant public events – from the Fonthill Bandshell Concerts, to Biketoberfest, to Fenwick’s 160th Anniversary Celebration, to the Canada Day Celebrations, to Summerfest.

Volunteers – like coaches, convenors, team managers, and score keepers – in every sport from figure skating to soccer, ensure that our children and youth practice skills, enjoy sport, and learn how to play fair.

Others work to ensure that our Town progresses and moves forward including those serving on the Library Board, the Active Transportation Committee, and the Mayor’s Youth Advisory Council.

And members of Pelham’s service clubs work to enhance community – from supporting our parks to our teams to local charities.

We presented the “Peer Award” as a special way of recognizing outstanding individuals.  Each community-based group or organization in Pelham nominates one of their most exemplary volunteers.

Deep appreciation to Peer Award recipients:

  • Michael Andrus, Knights of Columbus;
  • Roxanna Bowman, Pelham Farmers’ Market;
  • Tom Boyce, Pelham Cares;
  • Gary Chambers, Fenwick’s 160th Anniversary;
  • Doug Gaylor, Fonthill Lions Club;
  • Leo Giovenazzo, Canada Day Committee;
  • Bill King, Communities in Bloom Committee;
  • Andrea Keus, Pelham Soccer Club;
  • Cora-Ann MacKinnon, Niagara Centre Skating Club;
  • Joseph Marchant, Pelham Active Transportation;
  • Gladys Recchia, Fenwick Lioness Club;
  • Norm Recchia, Fenwick Lions Club;
  • Linda Roach, Fonthill Lioness Club; 
  • Heidi TeBrake, Pelham Art Festival;
  • Madeline Wallace, Mayor’s Youth Advisory Council;
  • Diane Weeks, 613 Royal Canadian Army Cadets;
  • Jim Wellington, Royal Canadian Legion, Branch 613;
  • Loraine Woods, Royal Canadian Legion, Branch 613 Ladies Auxiliary.

We also honoured our Corporate Citizens – those businesses that give money, resources, product – to all facets of our community. We especially honoured the Lazy Loon Restaurant with a Corporate Peer Award for their generosity to so many charities and commitment to improving our Town.

Thanks to Joseph Veloce, Olympian and special guest speaker, and Taylor Wallace and Jessica Wilson, singers and song writers, for inspiration and entertainment. And, thank you Perry Wakulich for designing and creating a wonderful and new Peer Award.

I offer deep thanks to each of the Town’s volunteers and corporate citizens for giving of themselves to help other people and to make Pelham a vibrant, creative and caring community for all.