Monday, December 16, 2013

Yet More Improvements in 2014!

Last week, I wrote about some of the major improvements planned for the Town in 2014, including “Uptown Fonthill” Reconstruction, Downtown Fenwick Revitalization, Peace Park improvements, East Fonthill Roads / Services, and Port Robinson Road reconstruction.

As Council continues to focus on maintaining and improving infrastructure, we also budgeted for other important improvements.

Roads & Sidewalks:
First, the Town will complete the reconstruction of Highland Avenue next year. (It was great to see the southern-portion of Highland finally being paved last week!)
The Town will also continue reconstructing Effingham Street – next year from Metler to the south (approx. 550 meters)
Some urban roads will be resurfaced: Vinemount Drive, Berkhout Terrace, and Sunset Drive. In these areas, a contractor will mill-off the old road surface, repair the base road, curbs, and sidewalks (as needed), and resurface the road.
Balfour Street (Welland to Chantler), Brady Street, Cream Street (from Memorial to Canboro and Chantler to Webber), Maple Street (Kilman to Metler), Metler (Cream to Centre), Moore Drive, Sawmill Road (Moyer to Maple), and Tice Road (Victoria Ave to Balfour), will be resurfaced by receiving a single surface treatment. In addition, Effingham (Roland to Sixteen) will receive the missing top-coat of asphalt.
Finally, as well as our annual sidewalk maintenance program, Council also approved the construction of a sidewalk on Church Street, from the train tracks to Martha Court.

Parks & Recreation:
At the request of Pelham Minor Baseball, the Town will be rehabilitating the existing limestone infield at Harold Black Park Diamond #2 with clay baselines, grass infield, and a pitching mound. We also budgeted to replace the rusted backstop and infield fences at Centennial Park Diamond #1 and at Harold Black Diamond #1.
Following this year’s improvements to Marlene Stewart-Streit Park (Riehl Skatepark and Pool House upgrades), Council budgeted funds to reconfigure and build a proper parking lot.
Finally, Council approved the next phase of the rail trail – from Balfour to Centre Street – on the abandoned rail line that will link with Centennial Park.

Other Improvements:
Instead of counting on majority landowners to involve the community and complete the studies, Council earmarked funds take-over and restart the East Fenwick Secondary Plan process.
So that we can be as prepared as possible for flooding that future storms may bring, Council budgeted to carry out a watershed master plan study.
Regional Council approved funds to construct a dog park on the former landfill on Centre Street (just north of Hwy 20); following the property’s rezoning, all we will need to proceed will be $10,000 donated by the community.

I look forward to working together with you on these and other improvements in 2014.