Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Multi-Purpose Community Centre Provision Strategy

In addition to the Arena report, LeisurePlan International Inc. also presented to Council on Monday their final report on the Multi -Purpose Community Centre Provision Strategy.

Phase One of this strategy determined the magnitude and characteristics of the existing and potential future demand among community based recreation service providers and residents for indoor aquatic, fitness and gymnasium related programs, activities and facilities in the Town.

Upon surveying all user groups and associations (14 in total), all service providers in Pelham (46 in total), and 1,091 residents, the recommendations are to:
- provide a multi-purpose facility to accommodate demand for participation in fitness activities, walking/running on an indoor track, and gymnasium sports;
- provide multi-purpose program space;
- not provide an indoor pool facility due to lack of demand and to associated costs;

Please find a copy of the LeisurePlan presentation by clicking here.

For a complete copy of the LeisurePlan Multi -Purpose Community Centre Provision Strategy (which will be presented to Town Council on Monday, January 20) please click here.