Monday, July 7, 2014

Construction “Season” Beginning in Pelham

I thought I better remind you of some road reconstruction projects in Pelham since we appear to be at the start of construction “season.”

“Uptown Fonthill” Reconstruction:
The Region is taking the lead on the reconstruction of Regional Road 20 from Peachtree Park to Lookout Street, and the reconstruction of Haist Street from Canboro Road to  Highway 20 (one of the worst road sections in Pelham).
The works will include adding bike lanes, adding new sidewalks, upgrading the watermain, road reconstruction (including a turning lane to Haist Street North), and a new traffic signal.
We are also replacing the water main from just west of Pelham and up–the-hill (as part of our ongoing fight to rid the Town of cast-iron water pipes). The contractor will also resurface Regional Road 20 from Pelham Street to Peachtree to fix those persistent ripple-bumps.
Regional staff has assured me that Pelham Street will be open to allow for traffic flow during Summerfest.

Downtown Fenwick Revitalization:
At long last, we will be revitalizing Downtown Fenwick this year!
This project includes reconstructing Canboro Road and part of Maple Street (fixing yet another poor road section), part of Church Street, and the Welland Road intersection.
Just like improvements in Pelham’s other Downtowns, we will bury the hydro lines.
In addition, we will replace the storm sewers and tie them correctly into systems on adjoining streets; with a high water table, this deep storm–sewer work will require the contractor to partially “dewater” the area.
All the significant landscaping improvements will not only make Downtown Fenwick more quaint and walkable, it will also honour the historic (and recently refurbished) flagpole.
Based on the pre-construction meeting on June 26, the contractor will start dewatering by mid-July.

Port Robinson Road – Phase Two:
As you know, the Town recently reconstructed Port Robinson Road from Pelham Street to Station Street and added bike lanes and sidewalks. Now, we are continuing to enhance walkability and cycle-ability by reconstructing Port Robinson – from Station Street to Rice Road.
In addition to bike lanes, sidewalks on both sides, and a reconstructed road, we will also be supporting further development on both the North and South sides of Port Robinson by installing sewers. Folks currently on Port Robinson will be able to connect to the sewers (if they so choose to stop using their private septic systems).
The works will also add storm-sewers and help deal with chronic ditch and water issues in the area.

As construction “season” begins in Pelham, I appreciate your patience and understanding. I also look forward to the completion of these and many other improvements in 2014!