Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Realizing Our Town's Vision Together

Over the last eight years I have provided the leadership with Council and the community to achieve significant improvements for Pelham. With a positive attitude, I work to build the community up and make it better while demonstrating fiscal responsibility (below inflation tax increases), and openness and accountability (like +270 biweekly media columns).

From better roads and more sidewalks and trails, to new playgrounds and new and improved parks, to renewed Downtowns and improved community events, to huge investments by other levels of government, to better protections for agricultural lands and the Fonthill Kame, the future of Pelham is very positive indeed.

So, what’s next?

I have conversed and engaged with so many people both over the last eight years and during the last number of weeks (while going door-to-door) and a common vision for our Town has emerged.

Our Community’s Vision:
That common vision continues to include appropriate and affordable parks and recreational facilities, vibrant and livable downtowns, safe and walkable neighbourhoods, lively cultural and artistic activities, enhanced opportunities for small- and medium-sized businesses to thrive, improvements to our quality of life, prosperous agricultural enterprises that complement our refreshingly natural and rural character, becoming a more environmentally friendly and sustainable community through Regional transit links and renewable energy options, and maintaining Pelham’s friendly, small-town feel as we continue to grow and prosper.

Realizing the Vision:
I am committed to working together with Council and the community to achieve this community vision:

  • Working diligently to develop and build a new multi-faceted community centre (contingent on funding and tax-payer affordability) by:
    • Working with representatives from recreation user groups, youth, seniors, artists, service clubs, and the community-at-large to design a new community centre in the East Fonthill area;
    • Working to secure Federal and Provincial funding and private fundraising support to help make the capital costs for a potential new community centre affordable for local, municipal tax-payers.
  • Ensuring that new development enhances walkability and community vibrancy while maintaining our friendly, small-town feel;
    • Approving design guidelines and transportation engineering standards for the East Fonthill Secondary Plan area;
    • Restarting the East Fenwick Secondary Plan process to ensure that any new development smoothly integrates into existing community characteristics;
    • Developing an “active transportation” master plan so that bike and walking trails, and sidewalks can further link all parts of the Town.
  • Acting in partnership with businesses and residents to continue to revitalize Pelham’s downtowns:
    • Working to improve events and festivals that showcase Pelham’s downtowns;
    • Continuing to promote and fund the “Community Improvement Plan” fa├žade and residential incentives and review / improve as needed;
    • Continuing to work with the Province and the Region to allow an expansion of the Shoppes of Ridgeville (in a “hamlet” along the North-side of Canboro Road).
  • Continuing to facilitate the construction of a new medical centre (with 5-10 family doctors and allied professionals) and the recruitment and retention of family doctors;
  • Continuing to ensure that our infrastructure and facilities are well managed and maintained;
  • Working together with the Chamber of Commerce, the Pelham Business Association, Brock University, Niagara College, and the Region, to better provide an environment for economic prosperity;
  • Continuing to work together with the hundreds of volunteers who make our community a richer, more vibrant place to live, work and grow;
  • Continuing to manage your money wisely and keep you involved in how your taxes are being invested in the community;
  • Always listening, working with you and keeping you informed about things that matter to you.

My record of positive, proven leadership shows that I have the vision, the commitment, and the experience to continue to work together with Council and the community to realize our community’s common vision.