Sunday, March 15, 2015

Yet More Capital Improvements in 2015

Last week I wrote here about some of the major projects in the Town’s 2015 Capital Budget. Here’s some more information about other planned improvements.

Roads, Bridges, Sidewalks, & Trails:
Pelham continues to invest in our roads, bridges, sidewalks, trails, and other infrastructure:
Highland Avenue: Council approved the final phase of reconstruction of Highland (from Elizabeth to Canboro), including a new waterline, sewer laterals (as needed), and an improved storm-water sewer system.
Effingham Street: After starting at Pelham Road a few years ago, we will reconstruct the next section of Effingham – from Metler Road to about 500 meters south.
Sawmill “Bridge”: The Town continues to evaluate all bridges throughout Pelham. In this case we will replace the corrugated steel “bridge” on Sawmill (just east of Centre Street) with a new concrete structure.
Church Street Sidewalk: Council approved funds to construct the missing section of sidewalk on the west-side of Church from where it ends (near 1010 Church) to the railway track.
Rail Trail: Council approved building the next section of the popular trail along the former TH&B rail line – from Centre Street to Murdock Street.

More Park & Recreation Improvements:
After recently reconstructing new playgrounds and sports fields and baseball diamonds, we continue to invest in Pelham’s recreational and cultural facilities:
Cenotaph & Mortar Restoration: We will continue to work with the Royal Canadian Legion, Veterans Affairs, restoration professionals, and interested residents to develop the best plan to restore the World War One cenotaph and German mortar at Old Pelham Town Hall.
Tennis Courts: In collaboration with the Pelham Tennis Association, Council approved funding to help resurface the well-used tennis courts at Centennial Park.
Kunda Park: To keep the decades-old-promise on the sign, Council approved funds to design and build this new neighbourhood park. The Town will invite participation of local residents in the design process.
More Power: To help it easier to organize events and festivals, Council approved the installation of a new power supply on Pelham Street.

New Pumper & Other Improvements:
We continue to invest in the Pelham Fire Service and in other areas:
New Pumper: Since Fire Station #2’s 23-year-old Pumper is ready to become a secondary service vehicle, Council approved the purchase of a new Pumper. Members of the Fire Service will help customize the new vehicle. The Town will sell the existing secondary pumper.
Other Improvements: Council also approved funding for new Fire Fighter bunker gear; an evaluation of the Disher Drain watershed; fixing up the Service Club signs on major entrances to Town; and replacing some furniture and equipment at Old Pelham Town Hall.

I look forward to working together with you on these and other improvements in 2015.