Sunday, November 1, 2015

All Pelham Volunteers Are Precious!

Sometimes in our fast-paced society, we neglect to honour and thank those that do something special. And, yet, those who volunteer in our community make a conscious choice to give of their time and talents to improve our community.

When you volunteer, you make a conscience choice and, I believe, carry out a sacred act of giving of yourself.

This goes for the many coaches and conveners of the various sports in Pelham and for members of the Town’s outstanding Service Clubs. It’s the same with the specially appointed members of Town Committees like those that volunteer on the Library Board, the Active Transportation Committee, the Beautification Committee, and the Mayor’s Youth Advisory Council.

Presenting Peer Award to Fonthill Lion John Mills.
It’s a similar commitment from those involved in community based endeavours like the Farmer’s Market Committee, the Bandshell Committee, the Pelham Art Festival committee, the Pelham Horticultural Society, the Suppermarket Committee, and the hundreds of other volunteers in our community.

That’s why hosting the Town’s Annual Volunteer & Community Corporate Recognition Ceremony – like Council and I did last Wednesday – is one of our favourite events! It’s when we recognize the dedication and hard work of hundreds of Pelham’s volunteers.

We presented the “Peer Award” as a special way of recognizing outstanding individuals. Each community-based group or organization in Pelham nominated one of the most exemplary volunteers from among their group of exceptional volunteers.

We offered our deep appreciation and congratulations to each of the Peer Award recipients: Barb Matthie, Fonthill & District Kinette Club; Anne Durst, Pelham Farmers Market; Maria McMillan, Pelham Historical Society; Brian Iggulden, Fonthill & District Kinsmen Club; Enid Gatcke, Fonthill Lioness Club; John Mills, Fonthill Lions Club; Marisa Battista, Mayor’s Youth Advisory Council; Cora Ann MacKinnon, Niagara Centre Skating Club; Bill Gibson, Pelham Active Transportation Committee; John Swart, Pelham Art Festival; Sue Kicul, Pelham Cares; Gail Hilyer, Pelham Seniors’ Advisory Committee; Stuart MacPherson, Pelham Soccer Club; Robert Eamer, Rotary Club of Fonthill; Claire Rochette, Royal Canadian Legion, Ladies Aux.; Jake Dilts, Royal Canadian Legion.

We also honoured our Corporate Citizens – those businesses that give money, resources, product – to all facets of our community. We especially honoured the Fonthill Sobey’s with a Corporate Peer Award for their generosity to so many charities and commitment to improving our Town.

I offer deep thanks to each of the Town’s volunteers and corporate citizens for giving of themselves to help other people and to make Pelham a vibrant, creative and caring community for all.