Sunday, January 31, 2016

2016 Road, Bridges, Sidewalk Projects in Pelham

Jim Summersides, First Special Service Force veteran,
awarded the Congressional Gold Medal, February 2015,
in Washington DC (Photo Credit: Eric Morgensen)
To build on my column last week about some of the largest projects for 2016, I wanted to continue to inform you about some of the major road, bridge and sidewalk improvement planned for Pelham this year.

Highway 20 Resurfacing / New Sidewalk to E.L. Crossley: The Region approved resurfacing of Regional Road 20 from Lookout Street to Centre Street this year. The Town will fund a new, asphalt sidewalk/trail along the South-side of the road from Timmsdale Crescent to E.L. Crossley High School. I hope this will be of great benefit to students and families!

Highland Avenue: Council re-approved the final phase of reconstruction of Highland (from Elizabeth to Canboro), including a new waterline, and sewer laterals (as needed). You may recall that this work was supposed to be done in 2015; it was deferred to allow for a better storm-water management design.

Effingham Street: Another year, another section of Effingham. This year, we will reconstruct Effingham from Highway 20 to Canboro Road in Ridgeville.

Sawmill “Bridge”: Replacing the corrugated steel “bridge” on Sawmill (just east of Centre Street) with a new concrete structure was deferred from last year because of environmental constraints. The Town continues to evaluate and improve bridges throughout Pelham.

Church Street Sidewalk: Promised last year, Council re-approved funds this year because the pricing was too high in 2015 to construct the missing section of sidewalk on the west-side of Church from where it ends (near 1010 Church) to the railway track.

Roland Road: Despite best efforts to reconstruct Roland Road in 2015, Town staff informed Council it will finally get fixed this spring.

Pelham Street North / Hurricane Road: After expanding the scope of this project to include an upgrade to the stormwater management facility on Shorthill Place, Council approved road reconstruction on Pelham (Broad Street to Hurricane) and of Hurricane (Pelham to Chestnut) to fix historic storm water issues and replace more cast-iron watermains.

Summersides Boulevard: Council approved the construction of a new street linking Downtown Fonthill (by extending Pelham Town Square) with Wellspring Way and Rice Road in the East Fonthill development. The street will include a centre boulevard, trees, and +3 metre multipurpose sidewalks/trails on both sides. Council will name it after Jim Summersides, a World War II veteran of the elite, joint Canadian-American “First Special Service Force,” a dedicated member of the Royal Canadian Legion (Fonthill Branch 613), and a volunteer public speaker to school children about the travesties of war.

More about our other planned capital improvements for 2016 next time.