Monday, January 16, 2017

More 2017 Community Investments

Pelham Pool in Marlene Stewart Streit Park
Last week, I wrote about some roads, bridges and sidewalk improvements in Pelham’s nearly $11 million 2017 Capital Budget. Here are some other investments:

Fire Service: Each year we continue to invest in bunker gear and replacement pagers for our dedicated Firefighters. We also reserved funds in 2018 to replace the Town’s radio equipment; the Chief continues to work with other Fire Chiefs, EMS and the Police toward consolidating all Niagara emergency services onto a common communications system.

Pool Improvements: You will recall that we renovated and improved the pool house in Marlene Stewart Streit Park a couple of years ago. This year, with the help of a Federal Government grant, we will repair and replace the pool deck, sandblast the pool “bowl,” and replace the water lines to the mechanical room. The $162,500 investment should be a great upgrade to Pelham’s well-used and well-loved pool.

Centennial Park Concession: Last year the Fabulous Fenwick Lions asked the Town to erect a permanent canopy on the Food Booth so they could stop using tents in that area for their events. This year we budgeted $27,600 for canopy, including a potential grant to support their request.

Various Park Improvements: Council also approved several improvements to Town parks, including constructing bullpens at Centennial Park Baseball Diamond 3 and Harold Black Park Diamond 2, adding netting and an infield cutout to Centennial Diamond 2, repairing the pedestrian bridge behind Harold Black, and setting aside funds to work with the community to design a new neighbourhood park on Abbott Place (behind the Lazy Loon).

Planning & Development: Council also set aside $130,000 to undertake more detailed planning – called a Secondary Plan – in East Fenwick (between Balfour and Creams Streets along Canboro Road). We also earmarked funds to hold a community “charrette” – to bring neighbours, developers, user groups, Staff and Council together – to discuss and design redevelopment options of the existing Arena property on Haist Street.

Operations Centre Improvements: Staff suggested that Council approve $227,000 to repair the Town’s Operations Centre on Tice Road. Not only would the proposed works improve the physical working conditions at the facility, the plan will also temporary relocate some Staff in preparation for the transition from the existing Arena and to the new Community Centre. The funds will repair the central building roof, improve potable water treatment, renovate the office / lunchroom / locker room area, and add a “lean-to” for outside storage. Council wanted additional information about the proposal and “red-circled” the funds pending a report this week.

To review the entire 2017 Capital Budget, please check out the Town's website at